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What is Model-Based Testing?

Model-based testing is a software testing technique in which the test cases are derived from a model that describes the functional aspects of the system under test.

It makes use of a model to generate tests that includes both offline and online testing.

Model-Based Testing – Importance:

  • Unit testing wont be sufficient to check the functionalities
  • To ensure that the system is behaving in the same sequence of actions.
  • Model-based testing technique has been adopted as an integrated part of the testing process.
  • Commercial tools are developed to support model-based testing.


  • Higher level of Automation is achieved.
  • Exhaustive testing is possible.
  • Changes to the model can be easily tested.


  • Requires a formal specification or model to carry out testing.
  • Changes to the model might result in a different set of tests altogether.
  • Test Cases are tightly coupled to the model.