Microsoft Business Intelligence – MSBI Certification Training

About MSBI Tutorial Course

This MSBI certification training provides you all the skills needed to work with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. You will get proficiency in SQL Server, Analysis, Integration, and Reporting. This training will provide you enough knowledge about Data Warehousing, ETL Solutions, Connecting Managers, Transformations and other operations.

What you will learn in thisĀ MSBI Online Training?

  1. Learn about the Microsoft Business Intelligence Architecture
  2. Learn Data Modeling, Representation and Transformation for BI
  3. Concepts of Multidimensional Modeling, ETL and Transformations in SSIS
  4. Understanding of the SSIS, SSAS, SSRS Architecture and their components
  5. Get insights into data flow across components sample
  6. Build and create charts, reports and dashboards with SSRS
  7. Know the concepts of OLAP database and tables in SSAS
  8. Generate and process new data sources and new Cubes
  9. Define various relationship types in SSAS
  10. Prepare MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification Exam

Who should take this MSBI Training Course?

  • Software Architects, ETL Developers and Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals and people looking to up skill themselves on MSBI