MSBI Interview Question

Cap Gemini interview question’s, It might help those members who are preparing for interviews.

1. Rate your self in sql-ssis
2.tell me about your self.
3. Tell me brief in your project & architecture.
4. What’s the difference between where and having.
5.what is fact and dimension
6. What’s the difference between delete and truncate.
7. What is index tell me brief.
8. what is temp table.
9. how you will get the data.
10. What’s the difficulty feel in ssis.
11. What kind of errors you can handled in ssis.
12. Break points.
13. Check points.
14. Event handler.
15. performance tuning in ssis.
16. Deployment in ssis.
17. Blocking transformations.
18. SCD transformation brief explanation.
19. Term extraction.
20. Isolation properties.
21. Derived column expression.
22. Self join.
23. Types of joins explain briefly.
24. Character map transformation purpose.
25. Real time scenarios in sql-server.
26. Performance tuning in SQL -server.
27. Merge join.
28. Union all.
29. Multicast.
30. Error handling.

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