Learn MSBI Online Training In India

Future Q Technologies is one of the leading Business Intelligence training institutes in Hyderabad that offers this course online. Business intelligence course comes up with the basic understanding of big data analysis and SQL server programming for smarter execution in the area of business. With its broad category of processes, applications and technologies to gather, store and analyze the data for helping to take the most vital business decisions in a timely manner. The candidate helps himself to gain the profound knowledge and application skills to extract raw data and analyze the same to give an output of meaningful presentation for future needs of the company. Future q technologies is the one Business Intelligence training institute in Hyderabad that offers good course support for the candidates throughout the course.

Course Objectives

The Course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:

  • Basic understanding of Building Data warehouse
  • To know about the data mining process
  • Impact of Data warehouse on the Business
  • To understand the concepts of OLAP Database and Reporting at the same time
  • To conceptualize the various data mining models
  • To help understand management of knowledge and its based systems
  • To get the concepts of Decision tree making and neural networks
  • To learn about the basic data risks and the methodology to contain them
  • Big data analysis
  • To understand data visualization techniques