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Oracle DBA Online Training

Faculty : Realtime experience
You’ll get in-depth introductions to SQL and PL/SQL as well as important information on managing large databases and using Oracle’s engineered systems. Oracle DBA Online Training puts emphasis on the big picture—enabling administrators to achieve effective and efficient database management. It shows how to harness cloud capability, perform a new installation, upgrade from previous versions, configure hardware and software, handle backup and recovery, and provide failover capability. Our Oracle DBA Online Training Curriculum also Futures high-level and practical content on cloud integration, storage management, PERFORMANCE TUNING, information management, and the latest on a completely revised security program. Most performance, backup, and recovery problems that database administrators face on a daily basis can easily be identified through understanding the essential core of Oracle Database architecture will be discussed during Oracle DBA Online Training. What you’ll learn

  • Oracle’s core architectural foundations
  • How much overhead is reasonable
  • How to recognize when you’re doing too much work
  • How to predict bottlenecks and why they will happen
  • How to minimise contention and locking
  • Why concurrency can slow things down significantly

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