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SQL Server Course Online Training

Faculty : Realtime experience
Beside this there is also numbers of application where it pays the big roles to perform efficiently. here are some point that he mention there

* Easy access to data
* Easy integration and reporting the data
* Easy sharing of information
* Powerful analysis of information
* Massive Scale
* Ready for future
This course is intended for :
Database Developer, Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Developer No prior experience is presumed.
Hands-on/Lecture Ratio:
This class is 50% hands-on, 50% lecture.
Software Needed on Each Student PC:
* Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Professional, Windows vista or 7 with at least 1GB RAM
* SQL Server 2014
Course Completion: After completing this course, students will be able to:
* Define database
* Define database objects
* Explain Database Objects
* Define SQL Commands and their uses
* Developing T-SQL Programs such as Strored Procedures and Triggers
* Overview of Administration All students will receive
* A copy of Guide to SQL Server 2014

SQL Course Online - Full Course Content : Download Here